Lake Pflugerville Triathlon


Do I have to register online?
Yes. Online registration simplifies the collection of your information and eliminates a lot of frustration at check-in for both athletes and volunteers.

You may pay online using a credit card or debit card.

How do I update my registration information?
Contact the Race Director at Sports 4 Us if you need to switch events or update your registration.

Packet Pick-Up

What do I need to bring to packet pickup?
You must bring a current photo ID in order to pick up your packet.

Can I pick up a packet for another registrant?
You can pick up a family member's or team member's packet only with photo IDs for all packets.

Can I pick up my packet on race day?
This option is reserved for out-of-town registrants only, and only if they have spoken to the Race Director and received confirmation from them.

USAT Rules

What are the rules?
With a few exceptions, this event will adhere to USAT rules, which can be accessed at

What is USAT?
USA Triathlon (USAT) is the national governing body for multi-sport (swim, bike, run) events.

Refund & Transfer

I have entered the race but unable to participate. Am I entitled to a refund?
A 50% refund of registration fees for any type of cancellation is available until the refund deadline, which is April 1st.

May I take an entry from a friend that can no longer participate?
No. Using another registrant's entry is a violation of race rules. If you are caught, you will be reported and banned from participating in any of our sanctioned events for three years. Don't do it!

Race Day

Where do I go on race morning, and what do I need to do before the race?
Take your bike and all your equipment to the transition area entry. You must have your bike helmet available for inspection, which must be ANSI- or Snell-certified. Rack your bike (other than racks reserved for relay teams racks and Challenged Athletes if we have any challenged participants, we allow open racking) and set your gear up. Pick up your timing chip near the transition area, after you have racked your bike. Transition area will be closed 15 minutes prior to race start. ONLY registered athletes are allowed in Transition! All other spectators, coaches, and family members must remain outside the Transition fencing. NO exceptions other than handlers for registered para athletes. Any refusals or repeated offenses will cause the athlete to be disqualified and removed from the race.

Where do I pick up the timing chip?
Timing chips will be available in or near the transition area and are included in the event registration fee. You will put the chip on your ankle and wear it throughout the race. Relay participants will hand off the chip at the bike rack. The chip must be returned at the finish line, or you will be charged a fee by the timing company.


PLEASE do NOT enter Transition if you have finished your race, or attempt to remove your bike from Transition, until the announcer indicates that you are able to do so. All athletes returning from the bike course deserve the opportunity to complete an unimpeded transition to the run. Any athlete entering Transition prior to that time will be disqualified for interference. We will open Transition for that purpose ONLY FOR ATHLETES as soon as we can safely do so. Any attempts to do so will result in disqualification.

Can I keep the timing chip?
No, the chips must be turned in at the end of the race. Volunteers will be at the finish line to help with removal. If they are lost or missing, you will be required to pay for a replacement.

Photos & Results

Will my race results be available online following the race?
The links to results for past events are found on the Results page of this website.
Results from this year's race will be provided as soon as they are available. The link for this year's event will also be posted to the Results page on this website.

Where can I purchase photos from the race?

In your race packet you will find a card that lists the web link for your event pictures this year.

They are usually available within 1-2 weeks following the race. Notification will be posted on this website.

Spectators & Family

What about my friends and family, can they join me?
General guidelines for spectators and family.
Spectators and family are encouraged to join you for your race and experience, with some limitations. There are a few points you need to be aware of with respect to spectator behavior:

1. First and Foremost -- Never distract an athlete!
2. Follow instructions from all Racing staff, volunteers and public safety.
3. Do not at any time, enter the Race course. This is especially important around the finish line area. Family and friends are NOT allowed to come through the finish chute, or to wait inside the finish line area. Any interference caused by an athlete's friends or family will result in athlete disqualification.
4. Pacing athletes is not permitted; the athlete will be disqualified.
5. Be aware of areas Off Limits to spectators: fencing, flagging or cones indicate those areas.
6. Do NOT lean or push on fencing, and please do not allow your children to climb on any race equipment. The Race Director is NOT responsible for any accident or injury.
7. Use designated crosswalks only when instructed by volunteers.
8. Always look both ways and behind you before crossing or changing direction.
9. Racers have the right of way. Spectators MUST yield to racers in progress.
10. SPECTATORS and/or FAMILY MEMBERS are NOT permitted in the Transition Area.
11. Leave plenty of travel time. Expect heavy traffic into Race site and/or Parking area.
12. Don't litter. Please use garbage cans and recycle bins.

General Information

What is an Aquabike?
The AquaBike is a Swim - Bike event. Aquabike athletes will rack their bikes in transition area and start in their Age Group swim wave. Athletes will complete the swim and bike portion of the event as normal. Their time will stop when they cross the timing mat at the entrance to transition after the bike. Athletes will then rack their bike and may choose to run or walk through the finish line or just proceed directly to the area just after the finish line.

What do I do if my T-Shirt doesn't fit?
T-Shirt exchange is possible on race day morning (Based on availability)

Are there relays?
Yes! We began offering an olympic-distance relay in 2017, and we began offering the sprint-distance relay in 2021.

Is there a Clydesdale or Athena category?
No. There are Open Competitive, Age group divisions, the Challenged Athletes, Military/First Responders, AquaBike and Relays.

Can I listen to my ipod on the bike and run?
No, wearing headphones during the event is a violation of race rules. We do, however, allow athletes to carry their phones on the bike course, to be used only in case of an emergency, NOT to listen to music. Just a note: there ARE course marshals participating as athletes, and any report by these individuals of violations by others WILL result in disqualification.

Will I need a wetsuit and are they legal?
Water temperatures are typically high enough during race day to make wetsuits illegal. Wetsuits are legal only if the water temperature is under 78 degrees Fahrenheit, measured race morning... not likely to happen here in central Texas in June.

Should I get my bike inspected before the event?
You are encouraged to get your bike inspected prior to the race and certainly anytime that you feel the need. There are a number of local bike shops who can provide an inspection for your bike. We recommend our support team, Buda Bikes. We will also have bike mechanics on site in or near the Transition area race morning for any emergency needs.

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