17th Annual Lake Pflugerville Triathlon

Sunday, June 23, 2024- Start Time: 7:00am


2024 event results are available. Click here, courtesy of Athlete Guild.

Awesome work by Rusty, Scott and Kyle! All the images are uploaded now for the 2024 edition of the Lake Pflugerville Triathlon. Each image can be downloaded free of charge and the event is organized into specific galleries for specific parts. Gallery is here.

About The Triathlon

This is a fantastic venue for all levels of athletes, whether you are a beginner or have completed numerous triathlons. For the intermediate and elite athletes, it is a great opportunity to set a new PR. You will feel right at home at this family-friendly event; it is a race you will enjoy with a fun course at a great location.

The Sprint distance triathlon starts with a 500-meter swim in Lake Pflugerville with a sandy beach entry and an easy exit to a paved transition area. Then you are off on a 13.2-mile bike ride through the countryside with enough low rollers to keep it interesting. Racers will finish up with a 3-mile run around the lake on a flat crushed granite trail with water stops along the way.

Olympic distance participants will basically do two laps of each component: there will be buoys set in th water which the athletes must go around before beginning their second swim lap. That will be followed by two laps of the 13.2-mile bike and finally, two laps of the run.

Relay participants will complete the same Sprint or Olympic distances, but the race will be divided between 2- or 3-person teams, with different athletes completing the swim, bike and run. The exchange will be tag-team in transition - from swim to bike PRIOR to bike being un-racked; and from bike to run AFTER bike is racked. Relay teams will rack in a specific area of transition, to level the field. All relay teams will compete as a group, meaning there will not be a separate category for men, women, or mixed teams.

About The Aquabike

Growing in popularity among athletes who don't want to run, the AquaBike is a Swim - Bike event. Athletes will complete the swim and bike portion of the event as they would normally for a triathlon. However, their time will stop when they cross the timing mat at the Bike In to transition after the ride. Athletes will then rack their bike and may choose to run or walk across the finish line, or just proceed directly to the area just after the finish line for their medal. Aquabike athletes will start with their respective Age Group swim wave.

About Lake Pflugerville

Lake Pflugerville is a 180-acre reservoir built to provide Pflugerville citizens with drinking water. The lake has become the city's most popular family playground. Lake Pflugerville provides swimming year around and has a 3-mile granite trail along the perimeter of the lake. Located at the intersection of Weiss Lane and Pflugerville Parkway, the lake is open for fishing, swimming, kayak rentals, and kite surfing. In addition, there is a playground, pavilion and beach area and boat launch. (No motor boats or glass containers, please). Families and residents have enjoyed events at the lake including Kid Fish and Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival. The lake has become a training hot spot for swimmers, runners, cyclists and triathletes.

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